Belize Audubon Society

Founded in:



PO Box 1001, 12 Fort Street, Belize City, Belize


Mission of the organisation

Belize Audubon Society's mission is to promote the sustainable use and preservation of natural resources in order to maintain a balance between people and the environment. This is similar to BirdLife's mission and BAS is, therefore, committed to the mission and strategy of BirdLife.

Key Activities

  • Scientific research
  • Data collection & analysis
  • Belizean park management
  • Lobbying & advocacy
  • Land management of 8 reserves with over 61,000 hectares
  • Public relations and education activities
  • Public awareness and education activities at youth camps in the Protected Areas
  • Cleaning campaigns
  • Urban bird watching 
  • Monthly presentations on current environmental issues
  • Internships at its Protected Areas

Recent Achievements

  • Continued active management of eight nature reserves, exploring opportunities for multiple-stakeholder management of these sites
  • Updated the Protected Areas Management Agreement with the government, and added two new sites to the agreement: Victoria Peak Natural Monument and Blue Hole Natural Monument, a World Heritage Site
  • Completed a comprehensive assessment of the reef and marine resources at Lighthouse Reef Atoll, including Half Moon Caye Natural Monument, a World Heritage Site
  • Initiated a three-year environmental education project to promote biodiversity conservation and sustainable development at two buffer zone communities, using the Education for Sustainability approach
  • Continued a strategic alliance to advocate for national land policy reform
  • Embarked on a two-year environmental advocacy programme to address pressing environmental issues facing the country
  • Celebrated its 30th Anniversary, making it the longest-standing conservation NGO in Belize