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Lider Sucre

Lider Sucre

Lider Sucre is a Harvard Business School graduate who leads Panama's environmental activist group the Association for the Conservation of Nature, or ANCON.

"The Uribe proposal is our most important issue at ANCON right now," Sucre said during a recent interview. "We would not only lose irreplaceable biodiversity, we would also lose something that makes us uniquely Panamanian."

"Our government has to maintain good relations with Colombia, but a road through the Darién would be devastating for us," Sucre said. Sucre believes the destruction of forest habitat would harm several species of birds, which exist nowhere else in the world.

- National Geographic

The Bridge of Life building, which is designed by one of the world's most important architecture firms — Frank O. Gehry & Associates — will be a new icon for Panama. It will also be a striking building unlike anything most of its visitors have ever experienced. Set in a beautiful park that showcases the diversity of natural life in Panama, the building's pavilions house extraordinary interactive exhibits that allow the visitor to get close to nature.

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Lider Sucre

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