The Paradise Earth Project

Paradise Earth is a 165,000 square foot tropical rainforest habitat, educational center, and conference facility currently in the planning phase in Arizona. With a primary mission of conservation and education, Paradise Earth is the brainchild of David Calvin.

The centerpiece of the Paradise Earth Building is a Habitat designed as an accurate recreation of a rain forest, housing thousands of bird, tree, and plant species indigenous to the rain forests of the world. The wildlife in the habitat will be uncaged & free to behave exactly as they do in the wild. Paradise Earth will also be a 'genetic holding ground', where bird and plant species are allowed to reproduce in a recreation of their native environments.      

With education and outreach as the one of the primary missions of Paradise Earth, the facility will house an an interactive educational center, with hands-on, experiential discovery displays for both children and adults. The 10,000 sq. ft. Conference Center is envisioned as a hub for speakers and forums dedicated to environmental issues. Set against the backdrop of the Habitat, the Conference Center will also be ideal for plant, bird, and other organizations to hold meetings or seminars.  

Paradise Earth will also house a movie theater, featuring films with an environmental message. The theater is also planned as a broadcast center, where forums & discussions can be held with live feeds from rain forests around the world.

The Paradise Earth website is the internet arm of the Project, featuring authoritative information about rain forest issues. The website houses a database with over 300 articles on rain forest bird, plant, and animal species. A K-12 Rain Forest Curriculum is also available to educators, in a classroom-ready format. Monthly video and text interviews with scientists, lawmakers, and rain forest experts from around the world will help ensure Paradise Earth's position as the global source for rain forest information.

Those interested in eco-friendly shopping can find a full complement of products at the Paradise Earth Online Store. Paradise Earth is currently in the process of developing a 'Seal of Approval', assuring shoppers that products featured at the Green Store meet a rigorous set of environmental standards.     

 With its 'practical and attainable' approach to environmentalism, Paradise Earth is positioned to become an immense asset in the battle for rain forest preservation and environmental education, providing the habitat, conservation technology, and educational mechanisms to address the issues on all fronts.

Paradise Earth is designed as a LEED certified facility, meaning it is required to meet the highest green building and performance measures set by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the national certifying agency. Green components of Paradise Earth include the building's exterior skin designed with insulated concrete formwork to provide exceptional insulation around a reinforced concrete core. The rainforest will be sheathed in the most current Low E insulated glazing to allow natural light for photosynthesis. This will minimize the ultraviolet rays to maintain an even temperature throughout the year. The project will utilize natural ventilation and re-circulated water through evaporative coolers to control the temperature and humidity. And most, if not all, of Paradise Earth's electrical power will be developed from rooftop photovoltaic-type solar collectors with the ability to supply excess power to the mainline power grid system.

Our Mission

Each week, over one million acres of the earth's rainforests are destroyed. The mission of Paradise Earth is both Conservation and Education. We will achieve this by creating a Rainforest Habitat that functions as a genetic pool of plants, birds, and wildlife to both preserve the species and repopulate them outside of captivity. The Habitat will also be an educational center, focused on sharing a variety of ways that humans can live in a more environmentally-friendly manner.