Rainforests: A Paradise on Earth

                   Written by Thomas Lovejoy
Biologist Tom Lovejoy

Rainforests brim with life. Collectively they harbor the single greatest repository of biological diversity: plants, animals and microorganisms. It is an awesome congregation of nature.

     At first it can bewilderingly green, filled with myriad sounds and with not much to see because every animal hides from everything else. With the right assistance and experience, however, its riches can be discerned.

The Story of the Rainforest
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Paradise Earth proudly presents "Rainforests: A Paradise on Earth", written by renowned biologist Dr. Thomas Lovejoy. This article provides an in-depth background on Rainforest basics and the importance of our Rainforests, as well as a substantive discussion of the issues and challenges surrounding Rainforest conservation.

The natural world in which we
live is nothing short of
entrancing - wondrous really. Personally, I take great joy
in sharing a world with the shimmering variety of life on earth. Nor can I believe any of
us really want a planet which
is a lonely wasteland.

Dr. Thomas E. Lovejoy, Reith Lecture, Biodiversity, 2000.